Gym Life

untitledI have to admit, I am really enjoying going to the gym. It took me awhile to get into a rhythm while there but now I really look forward to the burn I feel after. I am still looking for new workouts and new ways to change it up but the pattern stays the same. I do whatever focus I want then after I run. For example, I’ll do a lot of core workouts then run for a few miles. Leg day and run 1 mile, arms and run. Hence the pattern.

At first I wanted to do nothing but core workouts because I love it so much. Then I wanted to do core even on other days too. Now I realize I just can’t do that to myself and I need to give my body that rest. When I first started to switch it up I really felt a difference the next day. I was really surprised at how sore my muscles were from using them a different way. It made me really excited to know that it would improve my running. Just the other day while working my arms I received the best compliment. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked what workout I had just done and what body part it worked. I was so flattered that someone was asking me for workout tips. I must be doing something right. I know I’m no expert but it was still nice to be noticed.

On a side note, possibly relating to pushing myself into a rhythm. I ran a 5K a few weeks ago and it was absolutely freezing. It was a night race that involved glow sticks and a very windy course. When I got there I thought to myself ‘What the heck was I thinking?’ But once I started running I was surprised at how my body was adjusting to the temperature and the wind. My time was a little slower but nothing that wouldn’t be normal in those conditions. I was actually very happy with my results considering the conditions. I cant wait until the weather warms up and I can really see how the hard work in the gym will pay off on the outdoor trail.