Life-Giving Rhythms

What are the rhythms in your life, throughout your day? Would you say you have any?

That word “rhythm” reminds me that life is musical and beautiful. We are created to dance and live with joy through every season of life.

In my past I battled an eating disorder. I was a harmful rhythm of exercising too much and eating too little (barely nothing!) and drinking GALLONS of water to flush my body so I wouldn’t gain weight.

It was a dangerous and selfish rhythm.

I would never want to return to that place in my life, but I did learn from it.

Now, I have new life-giving rhythms that keep me in step with God and keep my body, mind, and soul healthy and whole. These rhythms cause me to celebrate and enjoy life without it having to be perfect and organized all the time.

In hopes that you might be inspired to find your own daily or weekly rhythms to incorporate into your life, I wanted to share with you ten of my favorite rhythms in my life right now.

1. Early morning runs- been doing this for years!
2. Stretching- a few minutes every day.
3. Sit-ups- usually after my run.
4. Homemade juice- my latest craze! {I throw in water or coconut water, and a combination of carrots/kale/berries/banana/oranges/apple/cucumber/whatever is lying around} a great way to get in my fruits and veggies every day and so simple!
5. Thankfulness- writing down three things I am thankful for every night- been doing this since January- and by the end of the year I’ll have a 1000 gifts!
6. Spending time with God every morning – hearing what He says about me and getting to know Him more.
7. Playing with my two babies- spending focused, intentional time with them, doing something they want to do. For my son it means coloring, walking to the park, hunting for bugs, reading stories…
8. Taking a step out of my fears in one small way each day.
9. Blessing someone everyday by giving away something (time, gift, money, encouragement), sending an email, writing a letter, making a phone call, etc.
10. Telling and showing my husband that I love him every day. How easy it is to go about my busy day and forget this!

So, what are your rhythms? What are some new ones you’d like to start?

  • ELizabeth

    I would like to start a new rhythm of caring for myself more!