I’m Kim and I’m psyched to be a part of the URTribe!

2013 has been an awesome year so far for running!  I started seriously running last year.  I’m slow, but working at it.

So far I have run the Color Me Rad 5k, The Kona Run 10k, and the Clawson Freedom Run.  Color Me Rad is a fun run and I forgot my watch, so it was truly just a fun run.  The Kona Run was a different story for me.  I was able to knock a minute per mile off of my average pace for my 2012 races.  I felt amazing when I finished.  Even more good news came after the Freedom Run when I finished over 5 minutes faster than my previous PR for a 5k race.  I’m feeling great this year.  My breathing is improving – I have asthma and require an inhaler to run.  I only have 81-92% of my lung capacity I should have, and that is after using my inhaler.  My muscles have changed tremendously.  Climbing has also helped improve my strength, particularly in my core.

I am continuing my training schedule that I kept last year, only this year I am wayyyy ahead of where I was last year.  I run 2-4 times a week at least 3 miles, if not more, and do a long run on the weekends.  Right now I’m adding a mile a week to my long runs.  I did 7 this past weekend, so I’m shooting for 8 this weekend.  I also climb 2 times a week.

URTribe is a great source of motivation and I love sharing accomplishments!  It also helps keep me accountable for my workouts.  I’m loving it and representing the company.  It’s great to be asked about it when out and getting to start a conversation about a product line I’m happy with and just fitness in general!  I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s races for the rest of the summer.  Good luck all on your training and runs.  I’m thoroughly enjoying hearing about it all from so many different levels of experience.