Will You Be My Valentine?

Nike Air pegasus +28 Black/ Grape/ Volt

An ode to my Valentine:  

Dear new running shoes, I find you incredibly irresistible. From that first fresh rubber smell you had me hooked. One can’t help but slide you on straight out of the box and parade you around the house for the rest of the day.  It’s only natural that we should spend as much time together as possible.

I appreciate all that you do for my feet.  Somehow just by being clean and bright, you give my legs an extra spark of energy.  I felt as though my long distance legs had actually acquired fast twitch muscles just by lacing you up.  Thank you and your black/ magenta/ neon awesomeness for making an otherwise dull mid mileage day, extraordinary.

So while many will be spending the day filling their tummies with chocolate or sniffing beautiful pastel colored flowers, I can’t wait for our date with the pavement. Thanks for always being there for me <3