Race Reflection

It’s about a week away from my 25k, and the upcoming race has me looking back of the weeks of training that has brough me here. The last time I raced I was in Knysna, South Africa competing in my first off road marathon. After all of the massive mountain miles I had put on my legs, my tendendons were beginning to feel the strain (but how could I say no to such beautiful runs?!). It was a bit of a struggle to keep it together for the race, but the beauty that surrounded me in the Knysna forest and the wonderful friends with me made it much more bearable. It was one of my last weeks in Africa and I was so excited for the opportunity to see yet another part of the country and spend some more quality time with my running family there. After returning back to the States, and taking a much longer break than I’m used to, I started the long process back to peak fitness while working and living in Florida. In between crazy work hours collecting data on beaches (picture waking up at 4am and possibly staying on the clock for 12+ hrs) I began to build my fitness back using everything in my arsenal; soft trails, pool, weights, and my sister as a willing workout partner. It was a time to figure out goals for the year, and to plot out the work that needed to be done to get there.  After finding my way back up North, I was even forutnate enough to have a “mild” Michigan winter (I realize that freezing temps and over a foot of snow to slog through might not be everyone’s definition of mild) to kick off my more intense progression of training. 25 weeks later its crazy to see what I have been able to accomplish. I have put in more miles and with a greater purpose than ever before, learning to overcome daunting workouts and not let doubts in my head determine what I was capable of. Now I’m excited to see what the result of this work will be.  Although it’s easy to slip into “doubt mode” when you are faced with a pre-races taper, I’m focusing on the excitement to see what the result of all this training will be. I know that it might not fall into place with this race, but my sights are on a year full of great races and opportunities to better myself.  This is just the first of many challenges for me, so bring it on 🙂

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