Bouldering By Maddy Farmer

Photo by: Khristian Lukianov Photography

There are three different types of climbing; traditional, sport, and bouldering. You have to train differently for all three. Believe it or not, they are very different from each other.

My favorite out of all three types is bouldering. Bouldering requires a lot of strength, you need the ability to do long power moves rather than endurance for long routes. I boulder three to five days a week. The movement in boulder problems is often very different from the movement in sport climbing. There is often more dynamic movement in boulder problems. Boulder problems are usually overhung, there is not as much technical slab. Overhung problems are my favorite!

One of the main reasons I love to boulder is the mindset you get into. Often you have to take it one move at a time. A problem may only be seven or eight moves long, but there is always that one move that stops you in your tracks. It can be one of the most frustrating feelings ever. Soon after the frustration passes, your determination takes over. All of a sudden all you want to do is stick that single move. It’s the most amazing feeling of accomplishment when you stick the move. It’s even greater when you send the problem!

Another thing I love about bouldering is the way you can see your improvement. One day a problem is your project, and within a week or so, it’s part of your warm-up. Or when you give one of your projects a break for a while, then you come back to it a week or so later after climbing other problems, and you send it first try. It’s an amazing feeling to pull  moves for the first time that you could never pull before.

It’s also very cool to watch others boulder. Everyone tends to have their own style. It’s so cool to see a problem done a different way. Some people are really dynamic and others are static. My climbing style falls under the static/lock off style. I love seeing different styles!

I think bouldering is always going to be my passion. I love the style and movement, I can’t wait to take my first trip this year!


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